Sunday, January 14, 2007


Last night I fell in love with a drummer. A fatal error. Oh not really, but someone who smiled and meant it. Dressed all in black. I miss genuine catch and release games. Don't worry I'm conscious of the delicate eco-systems. I also said some honest words that came off as purely rotten. I mean well, but I'm not so good at relaying that. You, it's like harnessing the power of perpetual motion. Perfect if it could be done, but near impossible. I meant what I said though.

Decided to try a new "thing." Writing with a specific person in mind, a sort of dedicatory poem if you will. As of now it's just ideas, half-formed and floating, but enough to make me excited. I can't well decide if the poem is a vehicle in which I feel comfortable, or even a place I long to deposit my emotions. Nonetheless this is where I'm going.

Yellow is her Power Color
Portrait of Winter as a Young Man
S is Like a Snake

Can you tell I've been reading Joyce and Rich lately? Can you guess which one is you? I got the syllabus for my independent study and I am both thrilled and terrified. It's cold out, but my heart and hands are all fired up.

This lovely song has been stuck in my head for weeks Enjoy!

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