Friday, November 17, 2006

when this and that falls away

and tonight lit up like magic. thursday night, not a minute too late. instead of drink drunk. I stayed in with 2 1/2 of the most beautiful life shapers in the world. my roommates. put up green tree, green tree, o tannebaum. shiny ornaments. homeade cider with real spice. and we saw our life lit up from the outside and we were proud and happy and our hearts soared into the night. we laughed till we cried and smiled at being in the presence of true friends. for a moment we forgot about bills, heartbreak, fluctuating weight, and the expectations of the elders.
we sang we sang we sang. opera, stuffy nose, unsure, and tone deaf. perfection and I think if god was around he'd say
"shit I need to hire them as my back-up singers."

home, gee, that's where my heart is.

got another reading coming up Nov. 28 or something. still get the nervous jitters. reading something old and close to my heart. close and very far away. been listening to a lot of music that makes me feel like creating.
Good feeling, I don't even mind the cold ... yet.

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