Monday, November 06, 2006

My Date with Fidel
They made it a contest.
Win a date with a dictator!
My, that's very appealing
Unfortunately it was government sponsored
Subversion was on their minds
Fifteen minutes in, the agenda wasn't so hidden
Castro brought me a coconut and a cigar
It wasn't even a Cubano
He had an American flag pinned to his lapel
He asked me where I live and who I voted for
I asked him where HE lived and who HE voted for
He had croissant stuck in his beard
They didn't even bother to hide their motivations anymore
He said take me to your leader, I asked if he meant my mom
"Little guy, big ears"
I see. Date's over. I politely rose.
Thanks but I don't smoke
I told him to go to or perhaps DC
I think this false facade was more for their amusement
Democracy looked better with a pretty face
as I walked out of the dive, I heard snickering
The Patriot Act had been watching all along
The gentleman never comes out on top.

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