Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Man, oh man, I'm thankful for so much. I haven't the server space for that. So suffice it to say I don't save up my thanks for one day of the year. I feel really great about this holiday season. I'm in a damn good place right now. Don't know where it is I'm going or whom I will be going with, but I know it will be a wild journey. If I have to pick the top thing I am thankful for well it is most definitely love and patience. I've got a lot of both in my life, and I would be a hapless hack without it. You people know who you are, thanks for the massive amounts of love and patience that it takes to keep this ol' android up an runnin! I will try my damndest to continually return that which is given to me (and then some).

Thank you thank you THANK YOU tHaNk YoU ThAnK yOu
and on and on forever and ever and into the endless winter sunset

a connection was made and that's all I needed.

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