Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stranger Than Fiction

Break is over, back to busy. Boo.

America, by Simon & Garfunkel is one of the most perfect songs in my life.

This passion that I've found, is sometimes overwhelming. I am astounded by the immense possibilities laid out before me. I feel as though I may be exactly where I should be in this big ol' world.

I decided to end my break with a bang ... mhmm I'm a rebel, I saw a moving picture!
Stranger Than Fiction, is one of the better movies I've seen in the past six months (perhaps longer). Three of my most favorite actors starred in this delectable piece of cinema (Maggie Gyllenhaal, Will Ferrell, and Dustin Hoffman). Maggie is a wonderful actress and a true beauty. Will Ferrell has such a thick awareness of self. He can play funny, he can play ironic, and he certainly played lead character Harold Crick amazingly. The movie was about a simple man leading a simple life. But of course so much more. One day Harold Crick's mundane life began being narrated by an articulate british woman. Is Harold crazy? How's one to react when your life becomes narrated by a voice, presumably inside your head? The screen play written by a virtual unknown is superb. Look at me, I'll stop right now, I feel like a film critic (I'm no critic).

I just love to watch movies.

See this film it will make you excited about really living your life. Then let's have a talk.

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