Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wish List

Is it too early for a christmas list? We already put up our tree so I say NO!
1) Vintage type-writer (must work, 1965 or prior, EBAY!)
2) Record Player
3) Cardigans
4) Gift certificates to grocery stores and restaurants
5) A wood-burning kit (eh eh Tory)
6) Dresses
7) Warm socks
8) Books
9) A nice leather bound journal

I am eagerly awaiting my literary splurges in the mail. I shamelessly ordered a book that will help me with the enigmatic and illustrious comma that I so often abuse (if you read this blog, go ahead correct my comma usage). No doubt "Eat shoots, and leaves" will make me a better writer. My second book is my literary nemesis' chap book. She doesn't know she's my nemesis. Actually she's not my nemesis at all. Let me explain. A young lady from New York came to do a poetry reading at my school. I thought her performance/what she read was terrible. My proffessor (who will go unnamed) had a few choice words to say about her as well. Then I found out that she was a Stanford Stegner fellow, which means she gets paid thousands of dollars to just write. A coveted spot among artists. I was perplexed by this woman.

But alas the wonder of the world wide web, has shown me the light. Through her blog, and exploring her writing, I have grown to at least respect the Sing Songy Stegner Fellow. We have a favorite book in common (The Passion by Jeneatte Winterson READ IT!), and she has a very romantic way of looking at her world, which I find very interesting. She also referenced Anne of Green Gables in one of her blogs! The Anne of Green Gables series is a large part of me and my big sister's childhood. Anyway reading Sing Songy's chapbook will certainly be the deciding factor upon which I base my decision.

Anne Shirley: I know I chatter on far too much... but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me SOME credit.

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