Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Le Peep Le Sigh

My inbox has read 666 for the past week and I can't seem to get it to change, it's funny and mildly creepy. Maybe gmail is trying to tell me something ...

Be left today :( but not after we had a long talk about the meaning of meaning. I love that gal, and I really hope I get to see her again before I leave, but she promised to come and visit with J. I'm sort of wigging out (wigging out?) about leaving these past couple of days. Oh man. I wonder if anyone will actually come and visit me? I really (really) hope so. Sigh. I miss everyone already.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny. I could really use that. I wish I could go on a forever bike ride that starts in sunshine and ends in the grass on a cool night.


Kristin Manzi said...

Can't afford to visit you.. but we could have webcam dates! Or, possibly more exciting than looking at me, I've been acquiring penpals in old friends lately and it feels GREAT. Plus, I'll get cool non-American stamps <3

The Last Unicorn said...

K MANZ - Webcam dates it is, and I loooove to get and send mail!