Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of my Mind

I went for a walk tonight. It was quiet and sleepy and not nearly long enough. What I would give to be walking on that trail. This place doesn't jive well with my need to just expand my mind and body. I feel like I could sleep for a fortnight.

I'm going to not abuse my body for a while. I'm going to be proactive baby.


Robot Ghost said...

That's a good idea. There better be some good nature and parks up there.

I'm trying this non-self-abuse thing too. I just recently swore off vices: all alcohol and sex and particularly depressing music in large quantities. I'd have sworn off gambling, but I don't gamble. It feels good, like I'm in control again, but I've really only left myself profanity and baroque art. Still, its upped my outlook quite a bit.

I'm curious, how long you'd have to sleep before it's officially declared a coma? Or hibernating?

The Last Unicorn said...

Chicago has very little "good nature" and even less parks ...

Baroque art? ha ha. Being in control is nice. I'm reactivating my creativity stores. I'm feeling productive these days, now that's a good feeling.