Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Disco Discovery Discography (not the credit card or the dance movement)

I've been oddly sentimental as of late. Last night I watched my first episode of American Idol.

I had a mild allergic reaction and it burned. I wouldn't recommend American Idol, it burns like pineapple.

I've been consuming a lot of information online lately and my roommate told me that she thinks I'm obsessed with "the computer." I think that she is obsessed with Wii crossbow training. I don't know which is worse.

How all these things tie together to bring me to my present state I don't know; however, I do know that I'm feeling antsy sitting on top of all this information and ice floes.

I mean damnit. I need to go cause trouble, or sit on a warm beach. (or both)

Here's a song and artist I am totally and completely digging over right now. I know, a year later than everyone else! Go check out her sick (and incendiary) lyrics online. MIA!

This song is catchy as hell and probably her most popular, but check out her other stuff it's equally amazing!


scott. said...

Let's cause trouble on a nice warm beach.
I'll bring spraypaint and fireworks, you bring towels and sunglasses.

A.T. Nee said...

I've been hawking this all over the place, but I think it'd resonate well with you. Or myself projected on everyone else.

My handsome cousin actor man that I grew up with is doing a web-series about a dispondent Clark Kent/Superman. It's neat. Geat a load: