Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not My War

Today marks the five year anniversary of United States occupying Iraq. Anti-war demonstrations are taking place all over the world. Click here to find something in your area.

Wouldn't you rather "support our troops" when they are at home increasing the quality of the Amerian way of life instead of degrading the quality of another people's way of life? Stop and ask yourself what the troops really are doing over there. The longer this "war" goes on the longer we will all have to pay for it. Take back your country and make your voice be heard.

How many more humans have to die for an abstract cause? How many more after school programs have to be cut to buy more B-2 bombers and rounds of ammo?

Anyway, you should job over to this site and check out all the Iraq War Vets that have been in the thick of it and hear what they have to say, Kevin Binderman's story is especially interesting ....

If you can't make it to a protest wear something black and make a point to talk to your friends and family about what this "anniversary" means to you.

Peace in the Middle East, Yo

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