Monday, July 30, 2007


Tonight I tasted the wonder that is ... tofurkey. Oh my word, how had I not yet tried this delectable treat? Oh me, texture, turkey; taste, turkey; yum factor, totally turkey. After I got off the train from a hard day of work I had a sweet lil' feast waiting for me (thank you big sis).

Also, on a much unhealthier note, I am back on my pop-tart kick. This is the devil's desert. This time it's not even trying to be healthy with a fruit flavor, it's only double fudge tarts for me!

Diabetes HERE I COME!

I think that the Tofurky yoked with the Choco Pop delish launched me into an infinitely more manageable mood than I had been in as of late. Cheers!

I looked around to see if anyone had taken note of the tree. It was in plain site. A hustling business woman passed by without so much as a glance. I rubbed my eyes, just in case; The tiny tree remained. I reached for one of the bite-sized treats. They were real. The citrus aroma lingered on my fingertips. I stood transfixed by the tiny leaves swaying in the city wind. All of a sudden I got quite protective of the little tree. It was a testament to something bigger than myself. I was jostled out of my awe by the low purring of a tabby kitten...

Also I th ink it'S time for another HAiR cut!

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