Monday, July 09, 2007

Tick Tick Tick

Frustrated by my physical and creative limitations. Fingers hurt from making.
Feeling lethargic. Cause? Fear under fire. Pressssure.
Today I got turned down by a librarian. What a load. What a spine in my clear pond wading.
All I wanted was some Freud.

Metric, Glass Ceiling
I need more female role models who aren't librarians.


jaynie said...

Emily Haines is my hero.

The Last Unicorn said...

MINE TOO! So classy and sassy!

Sam Freedom said...

Big sunglasses to hide the bags under her heroin-addled eyes and herky-jerky motions of someone with twitches, tics and the demeanor of a heroine addict.

If you relate to her, that's fine. Just say so. But as a role model? You'd have better luck swimming with crocodiles.

The Last Unicorn said...

Dear Sam Freedom do I detect a hint of bitterness?
Do I relate to her in the sense that she is a woman in a largely man's world? Yes. Do I relate to her in the sense that she is an artist? Do I relate to her in the sense of fashion, yes, that too.

Emily Haines sings about issues strong women must face everyday in a classy and danceable way. I only wish I possessed her bravery, wit, and class. If she is addicted to a substance that is her perogative. Anyhow, it is America after all, aren't we all addicted to something?

Sam Freedom, thank you for your comments, they are welcomed and appreciated.

p.s. I've seen Metric in concert on multiple ocasions. Each time she has not failed to deliver a dynamite show. No sunglasses and no "herky-jerky" motions.