Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No Pressure

Seriously that 100th post was stressing me out. Now I can write whatever the hell I want.

(as if I couldn't before)

I want to go to a place where the winters are warm. I want to squeeze stars in my hands.
I've gotten over the hump. Midsummer I cried for three days straight (this was last week). I thought I'd have to work in an office, I thought that the dark knight of adult-hood was coming to swoop me up. Never to be seen again. But, hey ho-hoorah, I'm here. I still have my baby fat around my belly button and crowning my biceps. I'm still waiting for my flowers of the desert chest to bloom (ACTUALLY, I read that a new clinical study shows that gals can still develop well into their late twenties). Not that I care or anything (tehee). I've rather grown to love my petite jollies.

I just realized that blossom, contains the word bloom, go ahead just remove the esses.
Blossom: The flower of a seed plant, to blossom (intransitive verb) to come into one's own.
Bloom: flower, period of flowering.

I've taken a position as a full-time nanny. Sure I have a degree, sure I wowed the folks at the corporate office, sure it's a pay cut (not by THAT much), but I will be infinitely more happy.
Anyway I'm just biding time until grad school. The woman I will nanny for is lovely and the kids equally so. She encourages me to write, exercise, nap, and eat her food. Chicago Public Library here I come. So that's that. Now that my moral fibers are done being roughed up, I can settle a bit and get excited about what's left of my summer.

oh yes, enjoy the fire in the sky!

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