Monday, July 21, 2008


Last night I fell asleep with an irregular heart beat trying to think of Tip Toes instead of Silver Jews.

I also won free shoes this weekend! (super sweet right?)
Pitchfork Festival was this weekend; Three days of full on music, muck, and people watching.

This was the first year (out of four) where I didn't feel the pretentious weight of a thousand hipsters crushing down upon me. This was the year that I loved the music and the people and how I interacted with all of the above. I did get sunburned though.

This weekend was almost too much. I reconnected with a lot of things. Perhaps the most important and least destructive is my intimate bond with music. Music where had you been? Maybe it was me that was absent. I just didn't react. BUT NOW...
It's making me feel all squishy and futuristic. I forgot that I could do anything I want.

This is one of the wonderful songs I saw performed this weekend. It shut me up and that's quite a feat.

M. Ward, Requiem.
Wistful doesn't do a rupture justice.

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