Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Power to the People

Here is an interesting story about the Olympics. I'm trying really hard not to think they are a bunch of hooey. I think it was my old and wonderful professor Gabe Gudding that said something along the lines of: any sport played for money or fame is an abomination, everything should be a pick up game.

Currently in Chicago a crime wave is far surpassing the heat. What does Mayor Daley decide to do about this?

Spend 25 millions dollars on renovating the already spectacular (and recently renovated within the last 15 years) iconic Buckingham Fountain. Why? So Chicago can win that bid for the 2016 Olympics of course. After all, it's only appearance that matters, not the lives of the fair citizens of Chicago. Boo to the Olympics. Yea to the Olympic spirit and feats of athletic prowess. If that makes any sense.

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CrystalCabinet said...

Maybe the Honorable Mayor is thinking that getting the Olympics will bring in tons of revenue for Chicago, then someone else can use that money to fight crime... I guess he wouldn't have access to most of that money...hmmm.

I'm also ambivalent on the topic of the Olympics. There is all this fanfare (literally I suppose) when they come around and the message is never really clear cus I think they know they can't say outright that it's nationalism. I guess where I'm supposed to see a source of American pride I see instead an outdated ritual that we have to retcon. It would be ridiculous for them to just END the Olympics, right?