Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What would the community think?

Social imports cannot be managed at this time. Creativity is at a stand still.

Many things stand still. For the first time I'm making decisions based solely on conversations with myself. Today hasn't happened, and tomorrow says don't look back.

My mind can't seem to understand this world, or the things going on in my heart and my head.

A couple things I learned this weekend:
  • Sometimes self sacrifice looks ugly on the big screen (see Sean Penn's take on Krakauer's "Into the Wild")
  • Sometimes things on the big screen move me and break my heart in a big way even if they are portraying something that's "against the law." (see Jed Riffe's documentary, "Waiting to Inhale") I loves the documentaries!
  • I don't have to be the greatest at anything. Ego is all about insecurity? It really did take me over 23 years to come to this conclusion.
  • Only 1/2 half of what they tell you about this crazy thing called love is true, the rest is a simply byzantine tangle of emotions. UNPREDICTABLE, good, bad, magical!!!
  • It doesn't matter what end of the bed you sleep at, as long as you're sleeping with someone who is willing to keep you warm and drool on your head. (life philosophy?)
My nose is running out the front door. Brrrrrr

Changing the way you think everyday all the time is good for your heart and mind! Don't ever become a stubborn stagnant pond!

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Grad School Reject said...

Not becoming stubborn and stagnant are words to live by.

Now go get some hot soup for that nose! (Especially if you can find some good butternut-squash or pumpkin soup, both of which are excellent this time of year)