Monday, November 26, 2007

Dagger Daniel - Scholar of War

The problem is, I can see myself doing everything.

In the new Dylan movie David Cross plays Ginsberg. Oddly fitting.

Maybe the ubiquitous question, WHO AM I? doesn't ever have to be answered.

Or perhaps I answer the question every day, and it's never the same.

Today I'm a dreamer, tomorrow I'm a mechanic, and the next day I'm just a kid riding around on a bike with a little toy gun saying POW!


Grad School Reject said...

Have I ever told you that you are wise for young "20 something", fresh out of school? Cause you are :)

The Last Unicorn said...

Aww shucks, thank you GSR. Have I ever told you that you are one of the sweetest grad school rejects the internets has ever known?