Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pizza Date Gone Horribly Awry

Last night I went out on a date.
It was going awesome.  Like, he wasn't being creepy and I wasn't drinking too much, and we lost track of the hours we were laughing so hard.  Then (there is always a then, right, ha ha) an old friend sat down to chat and catch up, which was awesome, that is, until he started talking about me and my ex boyfriend.  "Hey, how's S?  You still talk to him right?  You guys are still friends, still hang out?  No bad blood.  I mean I love you both.  I don't see him so much, but you know it would have been hard to chose.  It's too bad, y'know.  Great couple."  Then he preceded to tell my date how we met and how he gave me a hard time about hanging out with those "bums."

Wut?  No.


3 ex boyfriends within a 5 mile radius.  Is this a cosmic sign that I should move to another state?  Or am I just an ex boyfriend magnet?  Ya'll can't escape me.

Messylife. Sigh.

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