Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I can't stop saying, SNOWMAGEDDON! I thought it was sort of silly and hyperbole, but when I woke up this morning ... I shoveled my words. We were snowed in! What a fun and exhausting snow day. Alas, I crave the sensation of grass between my toes. For tonight I'll dream of warm weather and exciting prospects.

I'm listening to Explosions in the Sky live in concert and being somewhat productive and more optimistic than I have been lately. Actually my optimism is sort of snow balling (better term? I think not), which is really nice, because for a while I really lost site of it there. I drafted out a pattern for my chair tonight and I intend on finishing up the image for the textile I'll be reupholstering it with. Yes, I'm avoiding my statistics homework, but oh well. I've got all night right? I also talked to not one but three old dear friends, for a good long while. Old friends are comforting.

Also, way to go Illinois and Gov. Quinn! On Monday the newly elected Governor Pat Quinn signed Senate Bill 1716, the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act into law, granting same sex and heterosexy couples nearly the same rights as a traditionally married couple. Marriage is so 1900's this is the 21st century, civil unions are totally in!

Stay warm and prosper!

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Anonymous said...

Been a crazy winter for millions of people, but we haven't had it too badly in Montreal so far this year.