Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being There

The moment that we conceived a Western notion of time and made it an integral part of our existence is the true moment man broke with nature.

How inconsolably sad.

I understand that to a certain extent without measurable time science wouldn't be where it is today, but really what part does Science play in my daily life whereas it didn't force itself upon me by its earlier advents fucking things up?

Humans are obsessed with precision, or rather precision brings us control which is our true obsession.

Is it mine? Am I obsessed. with. control?

I mean at first glance, of course not, I'm never on time, I'm a slave to the seasons, I hate being on other people's schedule, I REALLY hate being rushed and being given time restrictions, BUT...

There is always a butt. What if all my daily routines disappeared, what would happen to my psyche? Would I struggle to gain control of my day? Would I quickly reestablish a routine? Would I flourish? Would I be freeeeee?

But wait. I subscribe to the humans as glorified (we do the glorifying) animals and animals abide by cycles. So, following a schedule is natural. Without a sleep eat cycle, we would die. The very physiology of our bodies are cyclical. The concept of time as we imagine it exists in all of our heads because someone gave it to us. Mechanical time v. Natural time. Well, I do believe I'd pick natural each and every time.

I don't know where I'm going with this entry, it was prompted by a radio show I threw on for background noise, the show was wholly uninteresting until I heard the unsettling of medieval monks chanting. My ears perked up and the radio host talked about how precise time as we know it was borne out of the monks necessity to please a demanding God. I can't cite anything because I can't get a transcript of the show and my lackadaisical internet research didn't turn up much to back up my memory, but as I remember it the monks wanted (or thought that it was required of them) to be more exact in their daily offerings to God so they devised at time system that would allow them the precision. I wish I could find some secondary sources to back me up here. The show is Ideas and the episode is called "Time Kaleidoscope" if anyone finds me a download or podcast of that episode I would be so happy and buy you a coffee or beer. The rest of the episode was pretty awesome too, but that's a whole 'nother entry.

Anyway, time is a crazy notion, but less linear and more circular than I once imagined, which is in a way comforting.

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