Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goes W/out Sayin

So the day came and went where we are supposed to tell the people we love that we love them or show them via chocolates and hearts.

I don't know, sometimes I love the idea of Valentine's day and sometimes I think it's the ol' silly Hallmark capitalist hoy paloy.

Well godamnit this year I had one of the best Valentine's day in a very longtime. Sure I've had more romantic, and more fun (cause they weren't romantic at all), but this year included all the things that I think are really important about the day when one chooses to celebrate it.

S. and I slept in late, cuddled, ate too much good food, napped, talked, movie watched, cuddled and fell asleep. We entertain each other.

I mean besides waking up from an accidental three hour midday nap in a state of complete crab, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I enjoy just hanging out with him. The fact that we can go from serious political talk to cakefarts in the same conversation makes me really appreciate our relationship.

It also doesn't hurt that S. sewed me an awesome shirt for a Valentine, which is of course, way cooler than chocolates and flowers in my opinion!

I think I'm pretty lucky.

Look we made it through January!

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