Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Pains of Far Away

Finally got internetz in my apt. Oh yeah, I'm in Korea. Will talk all about my flight, but right now I'm so very tired and this is what I have to say...

I don't like not knowing how to read any directions of any sort. Street signs, menus, google homepage, how to work my washer/aircon/water heater. ETC. Didn't think about that did you Last Unicorn? This will probably be a constant thorn in my side. I'm way too independent to rely on someone for everything and way too klutzy to try and figure everything out on my own.

Frown town.

So I'm tired on day three in foreign country and day two of being "JessicaTeacher" and all I want to do is watch some of The Office ... Guess what? Hulu, NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR LOCATION. NBC, NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR LOCATION. If anyone knows where I can watch some American comedy I would be forever greatful.

While I am complaining a lot, my place is adorable (small, but adorable), my students are mostly rad and seem to dig me, I'm eating lots of wild food with hardly any (a little) stomach problems, and my neighbor is an awesome Canadian who came to teach a day before me!

A proper update soon.

<3 Lots of foreigner love.


Mike C said...

surfthechannel.com and tvshack.net are both good places to go for tv shows and movies, but beware of pop-ups. good luck!

CrystalCabinet said...

Wooooooo welcome back to Asia! Dude, we're like, so close and shit. Fukui prefecture is actually the closest place to Korea. Apparently some Koreans came to Fukui and kidnapped some people a few years back. Everyone kinda jokes about not getting too close to the ocean. I don't think it's that funny.

I can't read Korean. You're on you're own. However, if you ever wanna take a hop across the lake, lemme know and I'll show you around!

scott. said...

http://s14.alluc.org/tv-shows.html that might work as well.

Benjamin Kuebrich said...

i know all of that feeling. and i miss it. have a great time out there kid!

(dailyshow.com doesn't allow full episodes but you can watch them split into clips on the main page.)

The Last Unicorn said...

Thanks Mike C

I want to visit you CrystalCab like whoah! Are you ever coming home?

Thanks Ben. I'm all over it! Welcome back.