Monday, August 10, 2009

Firm Like Jello

Work was a breeze today. The kids were great and I even received a gift! Mmm. Had coffee with my recruiter and cried a little bit, because I talked about what I really want to be doing with my life. She understood and it made me feel calm. The lights at the market were so bright and the warm breeze felt good on my face. Bought yummy fish cakes at WellBeingUpLife for 1,020 won and it made me very happy.

Today was such a great day, but it couldn't make me change my mind. Which made me both happy and sad. Gonna gonna enjoy my time. Dreaming cool dreams of fall.

Been watching/listening to this like crazy lately, so summery!

Love the Paul, and all the things he reminds me of.


Rohan said...

I met your friend Al this weekend. She seemed nice, and laughed magnanimously at my comment about a watch box. Are you in Korea? Corea?
I envy a country that barbecues every meal.

Rohan said...

Also, earlier today I misused the word magnanimously, it was pretty sweet.

The Last Unicorn said...

Ro! Where is your blog? I want to read it. You've all but disappeared from the world ... And where on earth did you meet Al? Yes I am in the Republic of Korea! I've had no barbq, BUT I've eaten a LOT of street food. Yum.

Also, that's okay. Language precision is overrated, use it how you like, it's your word!

Rohan said...

I don't have a blog. I use my Gmail account to log on to this. I once had a blog, but then I found myself writing in it just because I felt like I was neglecting it, not because I wanted to write. It was like a dog that I should never have adopted - I constantly fed it leftovers and it got fat and unpleasant to look at or smell. To complete the metaphor and make myself feel guilty, I put my dogblog down.

I met Al at Ryan Dolan's apartment. I'd say it's a small world, but it would be a lie.
Small world!

Street food is the greatest! Never give away the Wutang Secret!

See ya

The Last Unicorn said...

Oh oh, I read your LJ. I'm an internet creeper. I liked it, but apt metaphor.

I get sick of my blog so much. It's a lighthouse for gosh sakes I can't even figure out how to change the background. But I need it and it needs me.

Once Adela and I talked about making a creative blog with lots of people and you were going to be the designer ... what the heck happened to that!?

Also, I want to go to RD's apt. I bet it is very cozy.

Rohan said...


I'd still be ok with doing that, I just figured everything fell through with everyone!

It feels exactly how I'd imagine his apartment to feel. We sat around for many hours in the heat listening to records. It's probably very wholesome at all times.

The word verification word for this post is fooper. That's the person who buzzkills a party or good time with a smelly fart that isn't funny. Farty pooper.

Kristin CatLady said...

You left us hanging and I'm dying to know. What do you want to do with your life? What about it made you cry?

The Last Unicorn said...

Roh: Look at the top left of my blog, it's a lighthouse, and some fog. Bydunno.

Fooper. Copyright that shit. :) Also, let's have your people talk to my people, which is Adela, who is actually your people ... 1.2.3. MAKE STUFF!

Kmanz: Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion. Also, congrat-u-fucking-lations!!