Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late Night Bloomer

Last night I met a strange strange man at a bus stop that buses were no longer stopping at. He gave me good directions and walked his bike with me telling me all about how hard it is to smoke from a one hitter while pushing a bike while it's raining! The bus took forever and here I was in the middle of Chicago at 2 a.m. talking about life with a strange man. He made me laugh pretty hard when he said, ''I hope you aren't a cop, but if you are just let me smoke this once more before you arrest me. I looked at him like he was crazy and then we both burst into laughter when a REAL cop walked by.

It was strange how comfortable I felt with Phil. My mother would tell me that I should have been less talkative and more guarded. I can't say that for a moment I didn't feel a twinge of uneasiness as he started to walk his bike along mine, but I'm glad he was around to tell me not to wait for a bus that wasn't coming and for his company. Phil is definitely one of the most optimistic people I've ever met. As we waited for that bus we talked about all of life's little pleasures and it was so refreshing to 'hang' out with someone so excited to be living life. After we had been waiting for the bus for about half an hour we finally saw one coming as we concurrently read the sign that the bus we were waiting for didn't stop at this particular stop. "Allright," Phil said, "We gotta make this! I'll go ahead on my bike and stall while you make a run for it!" So I did. Laughing all three blocks. Traffic sucks in Chicago even at 2 a.m. so we made it in plenty of time. When we got on the bus three guys in the back said HEY PHIL!!! They seemed really excited to see him. We went our separate ways.

I'll probably never seem him again, but I really glad that I know people like him exist. The degree of gratitude for life and openness to people is something I can strive for in my own life. Plus I totally would never have gotten home without running into him!

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P. nol said...

you just like him cause he smokes weed1!!!111!
juuus kiddin, but hey jesse i would like to follow your blog but i do not know how to do this. puhlease help.

also I am skipping class while trying to figure it out, thats how IMPORTANT you are