Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gusher Case

I feel hungover from the nice weather. We're all so tired today. I know I'll be so tired tomorrow.
Me and the baby boys who aren't so much babies anymore rode the bus for the first time without a million grownups telling us what to do, and all of a sudden their world got so big. The possibilities unfolded as each stop passed us by; We could ride the bus to Millennium Park and play in the water or we could go to see sharks and oh the adventures that nice weather bring.

Yesterday I spent two and one half hours glazing building blocks for friends in outrageous colors. My neck and lungs sort of hurt, but hopefully the end product will be worth the pain. I still haven't got tired of playing with clay!

And oh I just can't wait to see S. and stay up late and drink wine or not and hold hands and I don't care if it has only been two weeks I still can't wait to see his lovely face.

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