Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mojave Experiment My Ass

I hate Windows Vista. I can't believe that they have such a monopoly on the pc industry that they could (and did) get away with releasing such an awful buggy operating system.

Every time I update this piece of crap (and Vista won't let you NOT update) something new goes wrong. The first time it was the wifi, next the sound, and recently the disc drive stopped working for no obvious reason. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the disc drivers and even restored to a restore point almost three weeks ago to no avail. I honestly just want to throw this piece of crap down the stairs. I can't believe that I payed money for such junk.

Last night I almost convinced myself it would be okay to buy a Mac online. I am the cheapest person in the world and I am now kicking myself in the bum for not springing the five hundred extra dollars for something that works well and lasts more than a year. Grrrrr.

So if you are in the market for a new computer, I seriously cannot steer you far enough away from anything with Microsoft products pre-installed. Bill Gates became a business man shortly after he realized his tech tendencies could make him money.

Microsoft I'd like to say, I'm very disappointed you fucking thieves.


Anonymous said...

Then you should watch this! (If Windows lets you)



The Last Unicorn said...

Ha ha this is great, and actually really well produced! Thanks for furthering my hate for Vista!

j.a.j.b. said...

You know, every time someone points out how bad Vista is, I think to myself "hm, it has been running fine for me." And then I think for like 3 seconds and realize that right off the bat I was screwed, as I needed to pay more money for a computer with better memory to even run this thing. I have only had one or two major problems with it, which with my luck with electronics is well under par. However, all the little slow downs and memory problems and bubbles and updates are infuriating. And I definitely had that wifi problem a while back, and wanted to throw my computer out the window. I haven't had issues with sound or drives... yet *crosses fingers*.

My major annoyance though is from Best Buy, who sold me a 200 something dollar warranty that covered "everything," including a free replacement should I throw my computer off the roof of a building or if it got run over by a car. However, when the fucking thing refused to start (one of my previously mentioned major problems) it cost 100 fucking dollars to get my files off the computer before it got shipped in for repairs.

My question is, why the fuck would a warranty cover savage acts of violence, but not an f'ing data pull?

The moral of the story, computers suck. Except the mac in my parents basement... I don't think they've ever had a problem with it.

BTW, that video you embedded is hysterical.

Also, hi.

and bye.