Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming Home

So I'm back from a long break. Upon returning back to the grind (or my version of it) I could write about a number of things: My Great Week/end, The paradigm shifting book I just began (GSR I know you are wondering, it's Pedagogy of the Oppressed), the swift kick of winter booting out the lingering warmth of a gentle Autumn, how I already feel Obamaed out, how awful Windows Vista is, or how I can't get a hold on what the hell is giving me such awful frown inducing heartburn every weekend. But I won't write about any of these, at least not today.

The thing that brought me to my blog is what I came home to tonight. I've been off of work for five days and in the life of toddlers a lot can happen. As I unlocked the door to the condo I heard the familiar whimper of my most troublesome little friend. I tiptoed into the room to see a bleary eyed little boy in a big boy bed where once a baby in a crib lay.

My boys are growing up so fast! Now there has been talk of swtiching the boys to beds, but Mother has resisted. It's a combination of not wanting to see her kids growing up so fast and not having a place to throw them when they are being naughty! I'm sure nostalgia finally gave way to utility.

Alas in the flicker of an under sea night lite lit room a surge of pride welled up in me as I stroked the back of an upset kid. We've come a long way and a seemingly silly milestone felt pretty damn cool. What a wonderful surprise after a wonderful week away. Now if we could only get potty training down!


Grad School Reject said...

Yikes - good luck on the potty training. I would have that at the top of my wish list if I was working with the kids.

I'm back in the classroom for some fall teaching and fortunately my youngest kids (4 years old) do pretty well with the P.T.

p.s. - Thanks for the book title :) I would have indeed been wondering.

j.a.j.b. said...

i read pedagogy of the oppressed for an education class a several years back, and had a brief refresher about two and a half years ago, and now that you bring it up i kind of want to check it out again. i feel like i just need a keyword to set off my memory of it because a lot of it is escaping me at the moment. if nothing else i remember it being one of the first books that really helped to alter my perspective on certain things in a very positive fashion.

praxis! that's it, oh yeah. i love that word. now if only i could remember a couple hundred of the other pages.