Monday, November 24, 2008


The Jonas Brothers weird me out.

Really young girls of America? Really?


scott southard. said...

j.a.j.b. said...

the one on the right clearly doesn't understand the concept of "shirt and tie"

I don't actually know what the jonas brothers do or why they're famous. all i know is that they have a lot of facebook bumper stickers.

And unless they know karate, I'm pretty sure I could beat all 3 of them up at the same time. Mostly because i find their hair styles and faces offensive.

The Last Unicorn said...

Scooter: Holy cannoli that's creepy. Deep sea creatures are terrifying!

Jakers: They creep me out. Are they Mormon? I don't know what they do either, besides creep me out, but apparently they are all the rage.

In summation I am confident that you could singlehandedly take them all out after drinking a six pack and being sleep deprived.