Monday, September 08, 2008


Tonight T. and I drank cinnamint tea and talked of the phenomenology of change while the first chills of fall tickled our noses pink. Tomorrow morning when I ride my bike to the train station, it's going to be 47 degrees. Ouch.

Also, I am making a new vow to write for at least 30 minutes straight a day. I've got a little notebook, and damn it I'm going to use it.


CrystalCabinet said...

Good idea about the writing and whatsnots. I got a pretentious Moleskine thingy but so far all I've wrote in it is the alphabet, some Japanese characters, some really dumb ideas for poems, and some limericks about Halo. One of my Big Life Issues is figuring out how to be creative. All I can force myself to do is shit like Halo limericks that are so far from being serious because whenever I try to do something serious I feel corny. Whatev.

j.a.j.b. said...

hello jessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse. it's jake (bowler...from school?). i like your blog. and this post. it's a great idea, and something i hope to do myself. i never did pick up a notebook, but i have tried writing random things in wordpad a lot more... but i don't think that counts

The Last Unicorn said...

This is an overdue comment reply BUT...

CC: Moleskin? Really. I'd never guess. Those things are waay too fancy for me. I miss you since we last hung out, let's make it happen again real soon.

My biggest life issue is channeling my creativity! Halo limericks are so darn cool/dorky. My best friend's dad has a whole book (published) of computer limericks! Also, I ALWAYS feel corny. Embrace it I guess?

HEY!!! I like you! Write write do it do it! Send me some stuff, I want to laugh!