Thursday, September 11, 2008


Is this a national holiday now? Everyone's talking about celebrating our country and commemorating. I'm all for remembering a rough time in our history, but I'll take this time to say, "HEY, get involved in your history."

Track (check up on) what's going down in your government with a really neat website called, Open Congress. You can read about all the crazy shit that's being passed in congress and who sent the okay! Do you like Obama, see what he's voted for, what about Palin or Mccain? Check it out and get educated.

Today I'm reading about how the gov' is turning into the thought police! Watch out for H.R.1955 coming to an activist group near you! Don't let this administration and those to come fear monger any longer!

DIY Terror

I am an American shotgun maker.
I'll shoot you dead.
I want to grab you from the top down.
Trickle effect never took and the city kept sleeping.

Don't say we never told you.
I don't believe in touch downs grand slams or commas.
I believe in you.

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