Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No One Said it Would Be Easy

I want to go kayaking on some white foamy rapids. I want to sleep in an unsafe place. I want to not worry about stupid things and stupid people (stupid in my own juvenile pouty perspective). I want to go to the suburbs so I can finish painting my picture of the beginning of the universe (yes, I will post when I finish I'm so proud!). I want to carve out big paper board murals for my living room. I want to fix my bike and go on long derives with S. I want to take that cheap train to Denver with T. and fall asleep every night on the observation deck. I want to throw up from laughter. I miss making getting dressed fun. I miss being ridiculous without any kind of substance. I miss climbing trees. I miss solo dance parties. Have I lost myself? I should go and find her.

This weekend I experienced a most killer spontaneous dance party and I think it might have been a great start...

This week boss lady is out of town and I am playing single mom. Single moms of the world I feel for you. I am bored out of my mind and television is making me go blind. Rachel Zoe is the worst person I've ever watched on television in my entire life. Also, the boys and I were out walking tonight and they recognized the golden arches, they are two and a half. Ew.

Go fall! Go Cubs! Boo, Wall Street Bailouts.

Sometimes I really have to resist the urge to run.

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