Monday, June 16, 2008

Cabin in the Woods

This weekend I felt like a stereo typical young person running off with my boyfriend to a cabin on the lake ... it was great. Then I felt less stereo typical when we took the train home and talked feverishly about Rand, Anarchism, and the plight of the human condition. We also got mistaken for high school students (ha ha).

Father's day was really nice. It was a day devoted to my father whom I care deeply for, but it ended up feeling more like a family day. Which is good for our family, and undoubtedly more pleasing to my father who hates being made a fuss over. I also taught my mom how to use Ebay. Apparently she bid on the same item in a couple different auctions and called to ask me what happens if she wins them all. Too cute.

It was an all star weekend.

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CrystalCabinet said...

I'm back. Let the sidebar record reflect this fact. My brother and I got my dad a sweet picnic table for father's day, but when we got it we realized that it wasn't assembled. Without any time to put it together we just had to present him with a box of wood. I found too much humor in the situation to bother feeling bad about it.