Friday, June 20, 2008

To Learn On a Cool Night

Last night as I walked along the street heading down to the beach I saw a great many couples. I would say at least twenty. The air was cool but the night warm. Their was a festivity in the air. I alone, a passive onlooker to the breeze and the multitudes.

All the couples looked so different. Some matched stereotypically, others atypically (to the eye). It is a wonder to me that two people can sync up so seamlessly as to share a life. Sometimes, it seems so impossible in this big world. On the occasion that it does, it bears celebration. It's something of a miracle.

I don't know I just want people to be happy forever. ha ha.

Here are some less lofty thoughts:
I think I need new glasses.
I miss BF, and I hope the jungle is treating her well.
I also need to hang out with old friends, I miss them.
I get to see S. in a few hours and hey holy moly am I excited.

I find it very intimidating to give money/food to people on the street. I always want to, but if I have too long to think about it I panic and just keep walking. It's so weird, and it makes me feel crappy. I can't understand why this is. I don't feel threatened or endangered by these people at all. I think it might have something to do with creating a since of dignity in the transaction. You know? Any thoughts on this? Maybe I'm just a jerk?

HEY YOU ... have a nice weekend.

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