Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let it Be Known

Back in July of 2008, I was already starting to gripe about the ills of the Olympics coming to Chicago, but I just want to firmly state my opinion for the record:

I do not support the Olympics coming to Chicago. I think that it's going to involve a lot of gentrification of neighborhoods that are in bad need of TLC not athletes. Yes, it will bring jobs and pump money into Chicago temporarily. In addition to the temporary nature of those jobs and that money, the majority of those job will be low pay/low skill (see picking up trash after a big game, taking tickets etc.). Finally, Daly wants it so bad and I loathe him so by pure spite I hope we don't get it. You can pick up any Chicago paper for the last six months and you can read all the shady wheeling and dealing going down to get these games into this city.

Will I get excited and watch? Probably. I love Chicago and I think it's a great city and I know a lot of people are already beaming with pride and it's hard not getting swept up in the excitement.

But when all is said and done. Boo to the Olympics.

Also, I just watched an infomercial for High DEF. sunglasses, ha ha.


Sam Schild said...

My vote is for Rio. Let this world see Latin America host the Olympics for the first time, ever!

scott. said...

wanna revel in the defeat of others?

the looks on their faces...