Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eres espectacular!

Recently I came to the sad realization that I had lost most of the Spanish I had once known. As I've gotten older I don't get to see my Spanish speaking relatives as much so I am not forced to interpret or communicate.

To remedy this sad malady I decided to get serious about not only relearning the choppy Puerto Rican slang I was brought up with, but really trying to master the Spanish language. I've been rallying around accent marks and tongue trills for a couple weeks now, and to my surprise it's coming along really well. No, it's not like riding a bike, but more like an exciting adventure in a radio flyer.

Seldom do I stick to anything and it's extremely rare that I'm actually excited about said "thing." I know that I have a ridiculously long way to go, but ,unlike usual, the prospect of mastering a skill is highly exhilarating.

Furthering my joy was a series of magical events:
1) I watched a travel show about Spain, and sort of fell in love.
2) My boss watched said show with me and was all "Oh my gosh you really need to go to Spain I think you'd really really really dig it; It's totally your type of place."
3) I found a book about everything Spain perched atop a box of books that someone put out on the street for the taking. (that shit was right on top)
4) In the bourgeois laundry room on the community book case I found 4 magazines on speaking Spanish and traveling to Spain accompanied by four respective audio cassettes.
5) My uncle Fredi has been working on our family tree, and recently discovered our greats hailed from the Canary Islands (off the coast of Spain). Super cool.

So long story long ... I want to visit/slash live in Espana, really badly. I also like when the world sort of converges and gives you a little push in any direction. Anyway, can't you see the Last Unicorn bashing around Spain all messy like?

Cada hora que paso contigo mi parece un segundo. Ay ay! (ha ha)

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CrystalCabinet said...

As someone about to take a jaunt overseas, I'm a bit biased, but I say go for it. I dunno if the ESL thing like I'm doing would be quite as popular as it is in Asia, but it's always and option in you're in continental Europe.

Also, excellent picture placement. I have this new theory that it makes each post 10x better if you just have at least one picture in it, no matter what it is. Take this to heart while you're making room for Spain.