Thursday, August 28, 2008


The boys got me sick (again), and it looks I won't be making it to the HUGE anti-war protest at the RNC. Boo.

On the upside, I've been thinking hard about ways to get active and utilize resources that aren't a couple hundred miles away.

I would like to say that I'm really impressed by all the action I'm seeing in many of the groups and collectives and networks that are organizing for the conventions. If only we could maintain a fraction of that enthusiasm to work on future projects as a unified community.

If you're wondering why people are marching at the RNC the simple answer is because we are angry at how our government is representing us (the people; you me and your children). It's not enough anymore to sit at home and gripe about dumb laws, but ultimately put up with them. This is our country and we should decide how it is run. What is important to you is almost always not what is important to a rich, white, conservative, over forty business man.

Let's open a national dialogue with everyone we know about what it is we really want as a nation, and in our communities.


Grad School Reject said...

So, did you watch the speech tonight?

The Last Unicorn said...

Of course! He's an interesting guy and I like him a lot, but I want to see sweeeping changes in America and I'm afraid since he's already seen as a Maverick he won't be as apt to go through with all the change he talks about.

As for Michelle .... I love that woman, if I could vote for her for president I would!

Grad School Reject said...

I agree on all counts (especially re: Michelle O), but I admit that I will settle for any positive change at this point. Isn't it terrible that this is what the last 8 years has reduced us to?

While I've got your attention - what do you have for me by way of music recommendations?

CrystalCabinet said...

It's interesting to notice the qualifications that Obama is beginning to make concerning some important issues. "Ending the war in Iraq" came up, as well as the phrase "reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies".
Seeing how he would deal with the Middle East would be interesting. I was waiting for him to give some specifics, but during the speech he just said "(what the Bush admin. is doing) is not the way to do it".
Regarding the abortion thing, I read a thingy in a book that basically states that there cannot and should not be any decision on the issue of abortion because even the definition of "LIFE" isn't agreed on by either science or religion. At any rate, I think the push towards avoiding unwanted pregnancies is a great route, but I doubt it will settle much...
Blah, blah. Good seein' you last weekend, btw. Wish people would ask me for music recommendations.

Robot Ghost said...

Looks like it'll be interesting over at the RNC.

Grad School Reject said...

Hey crystalcabinet - I was wondering if you had any good music recommendations? :) The Last Unicorn and I have some similar tastes if that helps you get a sense of what I'm typically listening to.