Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Uncle Sam Wants You Dead

My mind is exploding with thoughts about how the "system" isn't working for me, and instead how much I'm working for it.

I stayed up late the past two nights reading this fine publication, The Realist and reading about this fine group The Black Panthers. Needless to say I'm pretty frustrated, but somehow feeling quite empowered.

I had a chat with a friend last night about how I felt cheated and naive because I believed in a lot of the garbage that has been thrown at me through the years. She answered my by saying, "well you have been reading a lot of polemic (leftist) literature (propaganda) lately. I'm sure you'll balance out your feelings when you start reading more moderate things."

Yeah, I've been hanging out over at CrimeThinc a bit lately, but this is for other reasons I will detail later. The main reason I've been seeking out papers such as The Realist and history of the Black Panthers and other allegedly "subversive" groups is because I've decided to equip myself with knowledge of the world outside of what gets pipelined into my soul by the American mass media (I use mass media loosely including, formative education, accepted cultural mores, technology, entertainment, religious centers etc.), and it turns out their's a lot they haven't been telling us.

A month or so ago I began reading the book "Democracy for the Few" by Michael Parenti. Mr. Parenti received his PhD. in Political science from Yale University. The book exposes the truth about the American government, which is of course rotten to the core. Now it would be easy to say HEY all that crap is polemic propaganda and leftist BS. The government has our interests in mind! Then you read a book that supplies you with information that says otherwise and then provides hundreds upon hundreds of citations, statistics, and official investigations to back up these "crazy leftists arguments" and you can't just ignore the wrongs or chalk them up to crazy conspiracy theories.

I've never been a fan of extremes in anything. I feel as though running all the way in one direction causes one to lose perspective. I'm not blindly accepting anything. I'm doing my research and I'm looking at facts. Facts about this "system" that make me not want to be a part of it. Facts that make me want to actively fight against it.

I feel naive that I've accepted many of these matrices of thinking quietly. Want to know what I'm talking about reading "Democracy for the Few" is a great place to start. I'm sure this isn't the last you will hear from me about this, BUT I can't just keep such huge paradigm shifts in my everyday way of thinking to myself. The world isn't as it appears.

Being exposed to truth can be a harrowing experience. Now that I know I'm a much worse person if I ignore these ills and go about my daily life. I'd love for someone to convince me otherwise.

Viva La Revolution!

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