Saturday, December 30, 2006

Three strikes, are called a "turkey."

Canada may not be such a bad idea.

Approx. two people in the universe really get me.
(It's not a prize, more of an ox for your cart.)
Two people who I don't consistently fuck things up with.
(I'm inside out girl, don't condemn me for letting my vital organs lay about)
I'm thinking it would be nice for those numbers to grow.
(A resolution?)
But I can't seem to get things right.
(And will he or she help you? Can't know if they are an arms length away.)
I can't manage to not be dissappointed. Or dissapoint.
(okay maybe it's more than two, but not much!)

blah blah gurgle. Home is making me feel helpless.

I'm far too stubborn to admit that I'm a loner just yet.

Resolutions are coming up. I don't care if they are cheesy, I like them.
Gee the year ahead will be wild. But I hope I get a little more sleep in 07'.
I've been reading too much philosophy lately. It makes my writing/thoughts dry and slightly flustered. I'll stop it straight-away!

I miss the idea of missing you, which I will no doubt give up for the new year. We are light years away from what I would call normalcy. But like the moon I vaguely believe in your light. Normalcy is you and I: pawing, clawing, and polite. Don't play dumb, and I won't try to understand.

"If that don't do, then I'll try something new"

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