Monday, December 18, 2006

Curious of Many Things but too Lazy to Move

Wake Time: 11:17 a.m.
I wonder
Will I always feel so very awkward in my own skin? Can I jump out of it, and into someone elses?

A nice moment:
I just sat in my window, eating an apple, and watching the sunset. It was pretty. I didn't feel awkward.

Now, I feel very pensive. Good friend wants me to put together a reading list for her ... Joy. Did I ever post on this ol' thing that I absolutely despise money? I do. No I don't. I do think it's a precious commodity, but so much hoopla and time wasting is tied to it. I can be poor, but I want everyone else to be poor with me! ha ha. A little selfish, but I like company. I began writing a new story, due in two days. We'll see how that goes. Nearly done with Winesburg and the Fitzgerald.

The other night I went to a party and ran into a lovely pair I adore. They went to my very first reading at the gallery. We hadn't seen each other since.

Girl: Hey what happend at the reading we were like trying to talk to you, and you just said thanks turned your head and started talking to someone else? I was like wow, Last Unicorn being a bitch weird?
Last Unicorn: Are you kidding me? I was so glad you guys were there. I was just so fucking nervous about the whole thing. I really didn't mean to be a bitch, I just didn't know how to handle all those people. I'm sorry I completely freaked out. I love you!
Girl: Yeah we thought it was weird. It made us so sad.
Last Unicorn: Aww no. I'm so sorry. Gee, sucks that I came off like that. I was really glad to see you there.

and gee gee gee how often do I come off as a royal bitch when I get nervous?
I get nervous a lot.

Tomorrow my sister will be having her baby. I wish I could be there for it. When I come home in a week their will be a brand new living non-canine addition to my family. I'm a real sugar-shack for babies. Precious. Still name-less though. I'm going to call my sister right now.

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