Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dad as sung by the Blizzard Babies

Yesterday I called my Papi to tell him Happy Birthday! and to tell him that I love him.  When I asked him what he wanted he said all that he wanted was for me to visit more.  Le sigh.  I will try my best to honor this wish, because I love him and that is not much to ask.  I think I've created enough emotional distance between me and the reasons that make it so challenging to be around my family and not feel so exhausted.

In other Dad news, I went on a really fantastically awesome date with a Dad.  A DAD.


Bianca said...

you DID>>!?!?! I need to hear all about it. future mom jk

The Last Unicorn said...

Haha, I'm the master of dates girlfriend of none!