Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer is still good (ay great), but the fingers of fall are beginning to take hold.  They are mostly in my head, because I tire easily of the social strata.  They are there nonetheless.  I long for the cool gusts of crisp air and the endless hours of reading.  Well, today, I do.  Maybe, on that day, I'll be thinking of the warm winds of July and tanned skinned friends.  Humans (especially this one) are fickle creatures.  I just can't imagine shoving more fun and good memories into this Summer than I already have.  I guess that makes me a very lucky gal.  On a serious note:

Two projects worth reminding myself about...  

1) Zine series titled: "I Can't Afford to Get Sick"
    Issue 1: STDs
(Convince S to draw someone looking into their pants incredulously for the front cover)
Read scholarly articles
Identify community resources

2) Fun with Flavor - Kombucha
Find another glass beverage dispenser

Whole fruit - ginger + blueberry
Chai - cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom
"dark n stormy" - ginger and a little rum extract
lime basil
Raspberry - whole fruit


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