Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama's Farce

"The president at that point was expressing his distaste for what he felt dominated his first two years, which was, as he said, a kind of technocratic approach, that if you get the right people in the room and they have sufficiently high IQs or enough sterling degrees, you are going to get answers, solutions to problems that are wide, vast, and complex. And I think the two years that have passed convinced him that maybe that’s not the case, and he spent too much time thinking, chasing that chimerical beast of the perfect solution that is arrived at through the give and take of analysis and debate." - Ron Suskind from his new book "Confidence Men"

Sorry Obama, our "democratic system" isn't about solutions it's about sensationalism. It was a noble effort. Instead of gathering up IQ points you should have been asking, who is the best showman? Bush was great at that, look at all he got "done."

The Chilean people have some good ideas, but American people/policy makers are too high on patriotism and too bloated with Hubris to make any change that will affect the people that need it most.

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