Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Man With the Golden Arm

I should be studying but I only get a few quick seconds to myself lately and I'm devoting today's to listening to music and writing. Maybe, I'll even dream a little. I need a little adventure. All of a sudden everything got straight and narrow.

I think the straight and narrow stifles my bowels. I think that I'm most regular when my schedule is irregular. Mass suicide of the schedule. Maybe I'll exchange my cello for a trumpet, so I can be more reckless and less careful. I heard the less careful you have to be the more jovial your sleep. But I think the bow does something else for my soul. Who knows.

Who knows. Quick, I only have 30 min. left.

I'm making it my bidness to find my moment of pure summer bliss. Everyone gets at least one. Well alright I can think of one or two, but I think they were technically in spring.



scott. said...

we're going to drink beers on my summer porch tomorrow.

joven said...

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