Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm itching. Trying to be patient waiting for the weekend. The part where I get to smile unabashedly. The part where I get to stop being serious and responsible and stop rushing to the cries of tikes. Where I don't have to wear functional clothes. I feel like I understand the decade of the 70's a lot better.

I. Am. Anxious. Antsy. C'mon weekend, let's get it on.

I've been listening to the weirdest mix of music and it's written all over my face. I've been writing letters and watching the day turn to night. I've been wondering how I relate to everyone and if I could maybe embroider than onto a blanket that corresponds with the contours of my body.

I'm so tired of saving up for a car. The process makes me feel bored. I hate that I have to get a car at all. I want to spend my money on stupid things, like tattoos and good food and paying off school loans, old dresses and worn in boots. These things make me miss the big dirty cities. All of them. Sometimes I just want to make a break for it. Oh well, it's just a bad storm with lightening. The burbs are the bermuda of the globe.

I am putting my imagination into practice. I've been struggling for so long to invent a dream and all of a sudden I have so many to strive for. It's all about magic and good living. And making things with my hands!

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