Friday, January 16, 2009

A Drunk Post, Hey, any ladies who want to have some fun with a 21/m/with cam, PM me

Please inform the captain this is a hijack.

Boys these days are a lot more misogynist than they realize. I'm glad my boyfriend understands the politics of penis, and doesn't buy into that shit. He appreciates 'lady' in all its beautiful and not so beautiful facets. Thank the stars...

Today I was watching "The Duchess" on my lap top and the battery ran out. I think I can relate to a woman with an opinion or twelve. Of course the battery dies and the momentum dies down.

Do you miss my all time low?

ADDENDUM: Wow, I really was quite drunk when I wrote this. Ha ha. Red wine fever. I'm all cooped up, boo for winter!


scott southard. said...

You were pretty crunkface.

how'd you like the PIX boards?

The Last Unicorn said...

I was! And maybe? ... did I go on them or write crazy stuff? I have no recollection!

Do you mean the title? I tried to cut/paste the code for the metric video and that came up. It made me laugh so I used it for my title. It somehow (in my crunkface state) seemed appropriate to the post!