Friday, May 17, 2013

Holy Shit I'm Exhausted

The other day my clinical instructor/ad hoc teacher gave us all a speech wherein he choked up with tears.  The man that gave us so much shit for everything.  The man who drinks tequila and eats nails for dinner got teary eyed .... over us?

He said that we were the best bunch he's seen and that what we do affects people's lives in ways they don't even understand.  He said, we have the power to subtly change the world.

His speech was so unexpected and inspiring.  I'm not exactly sure what path nursing has in store for me, but damnit if I'm not excited.  This rotation saw me peering into the face of death and pulling pacer wires out of people's chests.  It all sounds so cheesy but I found myself glad to peel myself out of bed and meet the sunrise every morning.

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The Last Unicorn said...

YES. You did it. You're a nurse and it's every bit as magical and challenging and magical as those first days of clinical!