Tuesday, February 05, 2013


She said I would cry, but I didn't believe her.  As the head slipped out of the passageway a wave of emotion came over me, also onto my shoes and scrubs.  She gripped my hand and we made eye contact.  "Yo.  It's a girl."  The next five minutes were a blur.  Blood poured from her as the doctor began his work.  My arms became heavy with soiled linens.  "Put those down!  Come and feel the cord pulsing."

So I did.  Wiping tears from the tip of my nose without getting blood or bodily fluids on my face is a skill they didn't teach us in school.  The peds doctor came in and saw me looking dumbfounded, "I know right?  It never gets old."  Even though I watched the entire process, as I placed lil L on the warmer I couldn't comprehend how she just came from inside that.  After assessing the new human I placed her back on her mom's chest while the doctor removed any remaining placental fragments or clots, "Damn, I'm in love." Cue tears.

When I get salty about having to get up early or not getting to go out and get wild, I'll think of this moment.  I will think of the privilege I have to experience such awesome feats of nature.  I'll think of A  falling in love with the newest member of her family.  This frustration at missing out on everything is temporary, but these images and experiences will stay with me forever.

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