Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pew

Today on the view they were talking about evolution and Joy Behar said people who don't believe in evolution are Neanderthals and Sheri (who is a straight creationist) didn't even take note until Barbara Walters said, "She's calling YOU a Neanderthal." Barbara was laughing. Then Whoopi said you can have your own opinions you just can't have your own facts. Booyah. I like to hear people talk openly about this on daytime television.
This song has been stuck on my head for like two days. This video is just so funky weird. Dig it.

Also, Katy Perry's Sesame Street scandal.

Apparently the parents of America (let's be honest the Moms) didn't like their precious chitlins to be exposed to.... some cleavage? Are you kidding me? Half of the kids watching this are probably still breastfeeding. In the end due to complaints Sesame Street pulled the very vanilla clip. Shame on you Sesame Street. So we invited you on this show, probably picked out your costume, and rewrote your song, oh yeah, we forgot, you have bewbs, just kidding we don't actually want this to air.

Really? Boobs are about as controversial as you let them be.

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