Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Damn, it was annoying to watch smug chubby whiteys texting, yawning, and rolling their eyes while Obama talked about making healthcare afforable for everyone (but not illegal immigrants of course).

If he hadn't included the public option I would have been pissed, and it was really smart how he downplayed how popular the puboption is going to be. Well played Barack though I'm not so thrilled about mandatory healthcare fines (like car insurance). That's no bueno.

He is the best pragmatist that America has ever seen though.

P.S. The republicans made a rebuttal in the "Strom Thurmond" room. No joke.

EDIT: Immediately after the speech and rebuttal a commercial for PAC group "Patients United Now" came on. Shona, a Canadian woman had a brain tumor that needed to be operated on. According to her Canada was going to make her wait six months to get the operation, and in six months she, "would be dead." Thank goodness she had the money to fly to America and pay for and recieve "world class care." (which costs thousands of dollars)

Now Shona has to appear in smarmy American commercials because she probably has a mountain of uninsured debt owed to American doctors and hospitals. Blech.

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