Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Show Some Kindness to a Petty Thief

My time here is measured out by days, and each one is filled with something, someone, a check on a list. I wish I had time to throw a big bash, but that wouldn't satisfy me. I'd probably just get drunk instead of letting all of you know how important you are in my life. Big and small roles, I am full with gratitude. So I rattle off on my blog and hope you pass upon this while internetting. I'm trying my best to see everyone whose lack of presence in my life will leave a small or big emptiness in my tummy, but I just can't seem to get all the things that I want done. I'm trying my best.

This summer made me realize that I have a pretty decent network of pretty amazing people in my life. You are all so different and awesome. I didn't appreciate you all like I should have. Now I'm leaving and I'm kicking myself in the shins. Hopefully you'll still all want to hang out with me when I get back. Cuz I want to see you.

Crazy crazy busy life 2k9

P.S. My phone just froze ... I didn't even know this was possible.

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